This website is a magazine of commentary on finance, politics, science, technology, and medicine. It was born out of frustration with the atrocious state of journalism today—including not just the mainstream media, but also the very underwhelming independent/alternative media that so often comes up short and fails to provide the necessary scrutiny to counter the mainstream media’s fraudulent reporting.

It is difficult to wade through the massive clutter of corporate news media, resulting in most people simply being unable to educate themselves about the core issues of society—issues that have the most profound impact on people’s lives, particularly in the areas of finance, technology, and medicine. The goal of this website is to cut through all the noise and impactful financial, political, scientific, technological, and medical information to the public, including commentary that is designed to quickly expand their knowledge and awareness of the world in a profound manner.

Many of our articles will have a research-oriented focus and bypass the senseless noise—not to mention fake news—that is pervasive throughout today’s mainstream media (as well as academia and scientific journalism). All of our investigative and technical reporting will be well-cited with various primary and secondary sources, particularly when we write about a complex or lesser-known topic. In order to maximize this site’s effectiveness, we will be publishing articles anonymously; all of our work will be authored under the pseudonym Anonymous Sage.

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